Avalon – DENY – Collar and Cuffs, 5-piece set – Black

kr1 596

With the Deny-set you get a collar, two handcuffs, and two anklecuffs, made from smooth leather, lightly padded inside. The edges are reinforced, but smooth, making them less likely to chafe.

The collar has three D-rings, placed in front and on the sides, perfect for attaching the cuffs, ropes or chains. The handcuffs has a single D-ring, and the anklecuffs has two. All items can be locked with a padlock, preventing your partner from getting away.

Material: Leather
Circumference, collar: 30 – 38 cm
Circumference, handcuffs: 17 – 27 cm
Circumference, anklecuffs: 21 – 34 cm
Obs!: It is possible to add more holes if necessary.

Made from Avalon Quality Leather.

Weight 545 g
Dimensions 540 × 190 × 80 mm


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