About Avalon

Our wish is to deliver BDSM and fetishproducts of high quality, but with affordable prices. We feel that most products on the market today are of too low quality, or they are too expensive given the quality. We’re noticed that most products are manufactured with little to no expertise in BDSM, and this is our solution.

We are proud to present Avalon, our new, high quality series of BDSM-products where we have emphasized functionality, looks, price, and quality. We have been active in the process of developing  the look and functionality. Avalon products are handmade in India by our manufacturer using raw materials from sheep, calf and cow of high quality.

Avalon has become a broad series of products containing equipment for the curious beginner to the hardened BDSM-veteran. You’ll find collars for use everyday and parties, hand- og anclecuffs, soft and hard paddles, hogties, small and big bullwhips, crops and much, much more.

The end product is a series of BDSM- and fetishproducts we stand by proudly and promote as a high quality product at an affordable price.