The whip is perhaps the scariest and most complicated spankingtool there is, for good reason. The sensation of the whip is extremely intense and painful. Unlike other spankingtools the area a whip impacts is very small, which means the pain is limited to a small area. Whips can be harder to control and “wrapping” is likely to happen. “Wrapping” happens when the tips overshoot the target area, wraps around the body, gaining speed, and hits a different, more sensitive area of the body, with higher force. This could lead to serious damage. Practice technique before using it on a partner.

Whips can cause cuts and swelling of the skin, so it’s important to keep a first aid kit nearby. Most whips are made from porous materials, so we recommend not using a whip on more than one person unless it’s cleaned properly between.

Keep an eye on your whip, to prevent backlash.




Whips give a “stinging”, more than a “thudding” sensation. “Stinging” is felt on the surfacearea of the skin, while a “thudding” is felt deeper like being prodded. Whips consists of a solid handle, a long whip/thong (the body), a “fall” (between the thong and cracker), and a cracker/popper (usually a tassle). Some whips don’t have a “fall”. Whips are either a stiff stick for direct impact, or more felxible tools that need to be wielded in a spesific manner to get the desired effect.

Control is an important concept when it comes to whips. If you’re a beginner we recommend simple riding crops and stockwhipsKontroll er et viktig nøkkelord når det kommer til pisker. Om man er helt nybegynner, anbefaler vi enkle ridepisker eller enkle stock whips. Riding crops have a larger impact area and will be less painful. Bullwhips should only be used by experienced spankers.



Whips are easy to take care of. Use a damp and soapy cloth to clean it, but never submerge it. The whip can absorb the water and hurt the material. We recommend a toy cleaner to sterilize the product.

Products made from leather need a little extra care, preferably with leather treatment or leather cream. An untreated whip will eventually dry out and crack. Store in a cool, dry place.