Avalon – CONTROL – Extra wide handcuffs – Black and red

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Beautiful wide cuffs with soft padding on the inside and matte leather on the outside.

The cuffs can be adjusted with two buckles and has two D-rings to attach hooks or chains.

Total length: 37,5 cm
Width: 10,5 cm
Materials: Nubuck Leather


Our wish is to deliver high quality BDSM- and fetishproducts, but at a reasonable price. We feel that most products on the market today have either been too low quality or too pricey for the quality. Our experience is that many products are produced without knowledge of BDSM. This is our solution.

We are proud to present Avalon, our new high quality line of BDSM-products, where we have emphasized functionality, looks, price, and quality. We took part in the development of looks and functionality. The Avalon-line is handmade in India by our manufacturer using high quality leather from lamb, calf and cow.

Avalon has become a product line that includes products for the curious beginner, as well as the hardened veteran, and everyone in between. You’ll find collars fit for both everyday use and parties, hand- and anklecuffs, soft and hard paddles, hogties, short and long bullwhips, crops, and much more…

We have ended up with a line of BDSM- and fetishproducts that we promote wholeheartedly, at a sensible price.

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 300 × 50 × 10 mm